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Archdiocese of Omaha - living at once in the ancient tradition of Roman Catholicism and the young, unique heritage of northeastern Nebraska.

Center for Family Life Formation - believing in the sacredness of families, our vision is to nurture, support and affirm all families in their diversity and life stages including divorced and widowed ministries.

Beginning Experience - international peer ministry for widowed, separated and divorced of all faiths.

Omaha Beginning Experience - serving widowed, separated and divorced persons and their families in Nebraska and Southwest Iowa for over 20 years.

Spirit 102.7 FM - KVSS - Omaha's own Catholic talk radio station.

North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics - Since 1975, NACSDC have been committed to the healing and recovery of those who have experienced separation and divorce. We also realize that people experiencing other sources of pain - whether widowed, never married, or single parents for any reason - may benefit from the programs we offer and the services we provide.

Catholic Answers - great resources on many aspects of the Catholic Faith.

Once Catholic - we want to walk with you as you sort through your issues with the Church and put you back in touch with a face-to-face community of Catholics. Good information, especially for those who are divorced.

The Singles Group at St. Leo's is a group of single people in their 40s, 50s & 60+, unmarried for any reason. We welcome everyone over 40 regardless of your church affiliation. For more details, please see our monthly calendar on our website by going to and under "Groups/Organizations," go to "Singles." If you don't have Internet access, call the parish office at 397-0407.

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Center for Family Life Formation
Archdiocese of Omaha
3300 N. 60th Street
Omaha, NE 68104
402-551-9003 Ext. 1304
"WDS is my new extended family, without them I would not have met so many new friends, some very close. This group has opened up opportunities for me to be part of the whole world rather than my own small, lonely and closed in world."
P. W. - Omaha
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